2008 - MORENAKEDTHANEVER, Houston (Texas)

Random work from Rosella Fida | Performances/Installations | 2008 - MORENAKEDTHANEVER, Houston (Texas)

Mon propos est de mettre en évidence l’intimité qui se crée entre le spectateur et l’œuvre d’art et rend l’artiste –l’entre-deux-, l’intrus.


MORENAKEDTHANEVER is a skinless human size figure lying in the gallery space. It takes me about 5 to 7 days to build it.

Through this installation-peformance work I investigate the nakedness, vulnerability and fears that lie behind the artwork and how I expose myself through the work I deliver.

The price that creation implies from the beginning, is independent from the outside validation of the artistic significance of the piece.

My purpose is to make the artist’s vulnerability tangible to the spectator; to point the intimacy that lies between the viewer and the artwork and make me the artist in-between, the intruder.

I work with unfired clay that I think allows me to fully support the idea of vulnerability/exposure of the artist.

Rosella Fida March 2008